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Posted on 13 August 2016

Having recently had a baby I had put off looking for a dress until it was almost too late. Tim (my husband; that is going to take a while not to feel weird saying that, was having kittens about my lack of a dress), but truthfully I hadn't felt ready to scrutinise my body in what is a hugely important dress!! I knew I wanted something simple and elegant, without too much 'bling' (I absolutely love a bit of sparkle, but it didn't feel like that would be right on this occasion). A friend had recommended Luella's and looking on the website, all of the dresses fitted that beautiful, elegant, relaxed to boho vibe I knew I would be most comfortable in.

And when I first made contact, Philippa didn't even have a coronary with my tight time frame (2 months), and was so helpful and soothing when I came in. With one of my bridesmaids on the other side of the world and the other having just set up her new business, I ended up coming in on my own. And, having been ridiculously nervous, actually it was rather lovely to not have lots of opinions to wade through, even ones I trust so implicitly. Philippa was just amazing and calm. The selection of dresses were beautiful and I knew that I would be able to find the 'one'.

I had immediately loved the Zara, when I looked online, and Philippa helped to choose dresses which Luella's sample house could make in time, because of my stupidly short time scale, or some of their dresses she could sell as a sample. It was always the Zara for me.

Due to the (ridiculously) short turn around and then at the last minute, having to spend the two weeks before the wedding in Guernsey in order to get our wedding licence, I couldn't find a seamstress who could carry out all the alterations I wanted, so the top of my dress wasn't exactly as I had envisaged/imagined, and a couple of the details I had fallen in love with on the sample were unfortunately lost. However, that said, I felt wonderful in it all day and it was so light, beautiful...and comfortable. Plus for a more busty bride, to not have to fiddle with straps or necklines was a massive bonus. And I plan to have the final alterations redone (now that I am back) and professionally dyed so that it can come out to play again...I just need to choose a colour which will really make the gold detailing sing.

Photography: Nick Després

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