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Posted on 21 July 2016

Wedding location: The wedding was on 21st May 2016 in Aubeterre sur Drone in the Charente region of south west France.

Photographer: The awesome Annabel Staff who is based in the UK and highly experienced with not only weddings but celebrity events. Annabel was an absolute pleasure to be with all day, her prices were reasonable and she has provided us with some incredible photographs. Her portfolio clearly demonstrated to us that she could capture our day naturally and we certainly felt she caught every important moment - See her  website:

How did you hear about Luella’s when you were engaged?I found Luella’s through a wedding blog website called ‘One Fab Day’ as they were rated in the top 10 wedding dress shops to visit in London and, from looking at Luella’s website, I could tell I was going to find the ‘unique’ dress I wanted.

What items did you get for your big day from Luella’s? I bought my wedding dress, Limor Rosen - Aerial, and had it fitted in-house with their lovely seamstress

What did you enjoy most about your Luella’s experience? A truly wonderful and fun experience to try on wedding dresses and look at accessories. It’s such a lovely little, well presented and welcoming boutique shop in Wimbledon Village. The team are highly professional and friendly, whereby you are welcomed into a beautiful room filled with lots of natural light and provided with a glass of champagne for yourself and those who join you.

I wanted something unique and I was truly amazed at the choice Luella’s had to offer, so much so I wish I had booked in two hours rather than one to have more time to enjoy it! I still managed to try on at least 12 dresses and the best thing about the experience, I found, is the changing room has no mirrors and you get the initial reaction of your family/friends first before you turn around and have a look in the mirror in the room. As soon as I saw their reaction I knew it was ‘the dress’ even before seeing it myself. It certainly removes any fears that you’ve picked the wrong one.

Luella's were great at ensuring I had the exact dress I wanted by speaking with the designer to lower the back, which I was really happy about and provided useful advice on creating more of a train with the style of the dress in mind.

All in all a highly professional,  helpful and friendly team to ensure you enjoy the experience and pick the right dress for you– I enjoyed every minute!

Obviously, we love your dress as much as you did but did you receive any compliments on your dress?Lots! I had so many people compliment my dress from asking where I got it and saying ‘I wish I had chosen a dress like that on my wedding day’. I had a couple guests thinking I had it actually made for me…! I was VERY happy with it and, most importantly, felt great in it. We were super lucky with the weather and my dress was perfect as it was really lightweight, easy to move around and… party in!

What was your favourite part of your big day? We wanted a classic French wedding and we certainly got it. I found a website called Marry Me in France which provided a wedding planning service and a list of venues across the country to choose from – who I highly recommend and are really good value.  We came across a  lovely former cognac estate which had cottages to house all of our guests and we were so bowled over by the beautiful village, we decided to make it part of a day. There were too many favourite bits to choose from but what made it extra special and unique was to try and follow as many French customs as possible. 

We had a relaxed fun service in a 1,000 year church turned museum (think of a scene from Indian Jones) and we got the whole congregation to sing the Turtles ‘Happy together’. We then led our guests up to the village square (whilst welcomed and applauded by the locals) where they were greeted by drinks, canapés and a local French accordionist.  Back at the main venue, French traditions saw our guests swirl napkins above their heads to music as we entered the wedding breakfast, my husband and I toasted and drank from a silver cup called a coupe de mariage and our cake was a croquembouche with small fireworks!

However the truly memorable moment is taking it all in with my husband as we were being driven through the beautiful French countryside in a vintage Citroen car, drinking a glass of champagne and just having a very memorable moment together of feeling incredibly happy.

What do you love about being married? Of course your day to day life doesn’t change but you do have that extra connection and feeling of belonging to each other. I love the fact we can now start planning the next stage of our lives together and the first one we are doing, after the honeymoon, is buying a kitten J

Do you have any other tips, advice, memories? Don’t stress and let others do the work, after all… you’ve done all the prep ;) . Try and take it in by having a few thoughts to yourself before the ‘next’ thing of the day and make sure you and your partner get 5 -10 mins together (alone) by leaving the party. Don’t feel guilty that you can’t speak to everyone – it’s just not possible. I was lucky enough to have three days with our guests from being out in France but even then it was hard to get in a full conversation with someone as you are always being distracted. Just accept it and enjoy the fact everyone is there for you both.

If you get wedding blues, like I did, your official photos will really help and I would definitely recommend getting a videographer for a highlights video (so you can properly re-live it).

One last thing, if it’s hot and sunny on the day a parasol works wonders for helping the photographer with any light issues and they look good in pictures too. I’d think about having both an umbrella and a parasol on hand as you can never predict the weather!

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