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Moya and James

Posted on 01 May 2016

What is your photographer’s name and website? Miss Gen Photography

How did you hear about Luella’s when you were engaged?
My maid of honour actually got married in the same month as me, and she had tried on my dress at Luella’s and knew straight away that it was the one for me. It was a very easy choice when my day to try on dresses came around!

What items did you get for your big day from Luella’s ?
Just my dress, Hope by Gwendolynne.

What did you enjoy most about your Luella’s experience?
We had such a lovely day when we first came in, with bubbles and macaroons! I was able to come back again with my Mother and Mother in Law when they were both in London which was also very special.

What was your favourite part of your big day?
We have family and friends based all over the world (as I am Australian) so it was incredibly special to have so many important people in one place. Having a destination wedding meant that we extended the party to several days which was also a huge bonus. I loved the time getting ready with my girls in the morning, and the first moment I saw Jamie before the ceremony settled all the nerves and reminded me what it was all about!

What do you love about being married?
Feeling like part of a team, knowing that you have someone to share special moments with and someone you can always rely on. It makes me very happy!

Do you have any other tips, advice, memories?
Everyone says it, but at the end of the day all the fuss and perfectionism is, and should be, forgotten. No one else will notice if something isn’t exactly as you planned, just enjoy the moment with your wonderful new husband and nearest and dearest. You only get to do it once so cherish every moment. Oh, and wear comfortable shoes.


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