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Letizia and Paolo

Posted on 04 April 2016


Where did you get married? 

We got married in Italy!!


What made you decide to get married at this time of year?

We actually got married on September 30th, which is technically autumn, because the weather is pleasant and the temperature is nice but, above all, because that day was our 4th anniversary. As a matter of fact, four years ago my husband came to London to visit me and that’s how our love story started.


Congratulations to your husband too! We hope he enjoyed his day as much as you did. What is the lucky guy’s name?

The lucky guy’s name is Paolo (Paul in English)


Do you two remember how you first met and your first date? Any amusing first date stories?

We first met at the British Council in Milan where we used to attend English as Second Language classes. We were just friends back then and we used to go out and have fun. After a couple of years I went to London to study and that’s when we understood our feelings had changed.


We know you have just got married but would you like to share with us how and where our husband proposed to you?

It was summer 2014, Milan was almost empty because it was a hot day and people preferred going to seaside locations. We had a lovely walk in one of our city’s parks and that’s how it happened. He gave me an original vintage fifty’s ring which he bought in an antique shop. It’s been amazing. I’ll cherish that moment forever.


Hopefully you got lots of beautiful shots of your special day together. What was your photographers name & website?

Our photographer is Luisa Raimondi


We know you travelled all the way from Italy to get your perfect dress but how did you first hear about Luella’s ?

I first found Luella’s when I searched the stores where Vicky Rowe’s dresses were sold. There’s an interesting fact about Luella’s. I had seen that shop in person some time before I found it on Vicky Rowe’s website. Luella’s is in Wimbledon, where I lived for some months. So, when I realized that I told my self “that’s where I’ll get my dream dress” and so it was.


How long after you got engaged was it before you came to Luella’s?

I came there a year before my wedding because I really couldn’t wait to try and see my dream dress.


We hope you loved your visits to the boutique. Would you like to share with our readers what items you got from Luella’s for your big day?

I bought my dream dress “Vicky Rowe Primrose” and then I bought a pair of lovely and super comfortable shoes.


With your wonderful dress, was it love at first sight just like your husband or did you have other dresses in mind?

It was definitely love at first sight. My mum and my sister also liked another dress I tried but as soon as I wore Primrose everything fell into place. I really felt that was my perfect dress.


What did you enjoy most about your experience at Luella’s ?

I really liked the people in there. They were kind and supported me for all the time. In addition, the shop is lovely and I felt like being in a wonderful and very chic place.


We imagine there will be lots of happy memories but what was your favourite part of your wedding day?

There have been many wonderful memories about that day. It’s been like a dream to us but the best memory of my wedding day was during our ceremony. When we exchanged our vows I really felt thrilled.


Did you and your husband write your own vows or use traditional ones?

We both chose to write our own vows and also our own speeches.

It’s been the best moment ever.  We also used keys to share our vows. For each vow we hung a key on a frame. Now this frame is in our lovely home.


Obviously we love your dress as much as you did but did you receive any compliments on your dress?

Indeed. I received many compliments. Everybody said I was stunning.


What do you two love most about being married, we know that every part of married life must be wonderful but if you had to pick one thing?

I love the fact that we decided to officially choose each other. I like that he is my new family.

 Do you have a funny memory from your big day that you would like to share with us and give us a giggle?

Well, a funny memory is about the night before our wedding. I arranged a surprise party for my future husband and we celebrated with friends. During the party I showed a video clip I had recorded for him before. It was hilarious!


Finally, all brides get nervous butterflies, do you have any last tips or advice that you think would help future brides?

Just be yourself. Do not try to please others but just make choices which will make you feel comfortable and happy. Enjoy the moment, cherish it.


We loved having you here & hope that we made the experience really special for you.

Yes you did. Indeed.

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