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Georgia and Gary

Posted on 13 April 2016

 What made you decide to get married at this time of year? I love the Autumn time, not too hot, not too cold and I love the colourings of all the leaves. I based the weddings colour scheme around this.

Congratulations to your husband too! We hope he enjoyed his day as much as you did. What is the lucky guy’s name? Gary.

Do you remember how you first met and what happened on your first date? Any amusing first date stories? The first time we met was at a pub watching the world cup, England lost and didn’t get through apparently. No funny stories apart from quite a lot of booze was involved that day...

We know you've just got married but would you like to share with us how and where your husband proposed to you? In Mexico on the beach...was lovely and very romantic.

What was your photographers name & website? Joe Short.

We know you’re quite local anyway but how did you first hear about Luella’s? Came along with my sister when she was looking for a dress around 4 years ago, I LOVED everything and knew I'd be back if I got married.

After you got engaged, how long was it before you came to Luella’s? I think it was around 4 months.
We hope you loved your visits to the boutique. Would you like to share with our readers what items you got from Luella’s for your big day? My dress of course and my jewellery, a beautiful cuff with matching earrings.
With your wonderful dress, was it love at first sight or did you have other dresses in mind? I thought I quite liked another one but after coming back with my mum and sister for the second time it was a no brainer, I bought it there and then.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at Luella’s ?Trying on all the dresses.
We imagine there'll be lots of happy memories, but what's your favourite part of your wedding day? Wow, how can I choose just one… I actually can't, everything was just so special.
Did you and your husband write your own vows or use traditional ones? Traditional.


Obviously, we love your dress as much as you did but did you receive any compliments on your dress? So many, which was so flattering that everyone liked it as much as me. I've also pointed a few people in the direction of Luella's as they wanted something similar.
What do you two love most about being married, we know that every part of married life must be wonderful but if you had to pick one thing? My ring……..ha!
Planning your wedding can be extremely stressful but we aim to help you as much as we can with your dress here at Luella’s. How did you cope with the stress leading up to your wedding day? I played it down as much as possible and although I did have some wobbles, I feel I didn’t stress out too much.

Do you have a funny memory from your big day that you'd like to share with us and give us giggles? So many laughs and things to make me smile but no “you’ve been framed moments”.
Finally, all brides get nervous butterflies, do you have any last tips or advice that you think would help future brides? Take it in your stride as much as you can and have a glass of champagne in the morning (no more though) it calmed my nerves a little.

We loved having you here and hope that we made the experience really special for you.


Lots of love,
Luella's Team xx


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