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Wedding Trend - Geodes!

Posted on 01 October 2016

There is a new trend rising in the wedding world and it rocks!
Geode themed weddings are the latest trend to emerge for 2016 weddings and will be continuing into 2017.
Geodes are volcanic rocks that look like normal rocks from the outside until they are split open to reveal a crystal formation on the inside. The rocks can also be sliced to be flat and smooth, these are known as agate.
Geodes first became popular as an interior design trend in 2016 and started appearing in wedding themes soon after.
The craze began with the geode wedding cake, which was first created in Australia, but the trend became most popular with American baker, Rachel Teufel’s amethyst inspired cake. The beautiful three tiered cake looks like your traditional white wedding cake from one side but on the other there is a large sculpture of an amethyst geode spreading across the cake decorated with a boarder of gold leaf.
Other ideas include incorporating geodes into table décor by using a range of geode elements such as the table number painted on a chunk of geode rock and the names of guests painted on thin slices of colourful agate or using the idea as part of your wedding stationery design. Another idea might be to give your guests geode style gifts such as agate coasters or maybe birthstone necklaces for your bridesmaids.
 You can express the geode theme through your wedding décor but you can also make a Geode fashion statement with your choice of wedding dress and accessories.
The geode theme is based on a natural formation created in volcanic rocks and because there is a strong link between spiritual emotions and precious rocks, the idea works hand in hand with a bohemian theme so you could easily choose a boho style dress to compliment your theme.
 You could also incorporate the geode theme through your choice of colour or by introducing some metallics into your outfit.
 The Ophelia dress by Gwendolynne is a good choice if you are looking to add some colour. It comes in a soft, blush tone rather than a traditional shade of white and it is also decorated with hundreds of tiny sparkly glass beads and pearls and has a stunning sparkly clasp at the back which perfectly mirrors the sparkly nature of a geode.
The Zara dress would also be a good option because of its soft and floaty boho style and the metallic detailing on the skirt and there are plenty of other designs that incorporate elements of this theme.
The Anabel bespoke jewel flat bridal shoes by Charlotte Mills would work perfectly with all of these dresses. The ballet pump is relaxed and simple, in keeping with the boho style and the bespoke shoe clip is made with Swarovski crystals and beads, which once again reflects the sparkly nature of geodes.
St Erasmus offers a range of jewellery that would work well for both the geode and boho themes. The accessories are handmade and use a unique mix of crochet and twisted metal detailing in old gold and bronze tones. The jewellery is intricate but simple and the metal tones of the accessories compliment the bright colours of geodes.
You could also incorporate the theme through your bridesmaid’s dresses. Vicky Rowe has designed a range of beautiful bridesmaid dresses exclusively for Luella’s that we think would work perfectly for this theme. They come in a stunning range of rich jewel tones and are hand embellished with a mixture of beading and diamantés that ripple out from the top to the skirt, similar to the layered ripple effect seen in agate.
We have tried to give you a few ideas on how you can incorporate this amazing theme into your wedding but there are plenty of other options available. Please contact us if you would like any more information on any of the products mentioned or if you would like some help with planning your geode style wedding.


Cover photo - Betsi Ewing Studio
Cake - Intricate Icing Cake Designs
Table setting agate - Oh so beautiful paper
Table number -

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