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Luella's Celebrates Women with Careers - Edel's Story

Posted on 01 June 2017

Here at Luella's we are busy celebrating women with careers. We have spoken to some of our past brides about how they managed to juggle their job, with planning a busy wedding so that we can help our future brides to plan their weddings with confidence and have a relaxed an happy day. 

For the month of June we will be celebrating our bride Edel and discussing how she managed to juggle her role as Global Collaboration & Knowledge Manager at KPMG, with planning her beautiful wedding. As a special offer we will also be offering all future brides who are working in the Finance and Consulting sector, an incredible 10% off the price of wedding dresses purchased from Luella's throughout the month of June. (Please refer to our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page for further details.) 

Each month we will be celebrating a different bride and offering other brides in that sector the opportunity to receive a discount off their wedding dress, so don't forget to look out each month to see if we are celebrating your chosen career and to hear more great advice from our brides as they continue to share their stories with us. If you are a past bride of Luella's and would like to be featured in a future blog post, please contact the boutique at or 020 88797744. 

Please read about Edel's experience here: 

Hi Edel, can you please tell us a little bit about your job?

I am the Global Collaboration & Knowledge Manager in KPMG International for Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive. I work with our global sector leadership to ensure that we share best practice and use global expertise in order for our clients to always receive the best of KPMG regardless of location. On a day to day basis I work with teams in the US, Germany, UK and other key countries to guide them to our best insights and expertise. Key part of my role is to know what activities we are undertaking for different clients and how we can leverage this.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is to work with so many people around the world. On any given day I will typically interact with people from India, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, US, Canada. I work with many amazing senior leaders in our company and I feel privileged to learn from them.

Can you tell us a bit about your wedding?

We got married on July 11 2016 at Farnham Castle. We had a Summer/vintage/Norwegian style wedding and I wore Gwendolynne's Tara dress.

What was the best moment from your wedding day?

If I have to choose one – seeing Glenn at the altar and the ceremony. It was so intimate in a small chapel in the castle and we had friends sing and play, so it was very personal.

What was the most difficult part of planning your wedding?

We knew that family and friends would all fly over from Norway and would need some advice finding places to stay etc. We found out that Farnborough Airshow was on the same week, so all hotels nearby were either fully booked or priced 5 times their standard rates. We therefore had to take on the full arrangement for alternative accommodation and transportation further away.

What made your day special for you and your partner Glenn?

Without a doubt, all our close friends and family coming all the way over from Norway to spend not only the day with us, but many came for the whole weekend (as we got married on a Monday). There will not be many times in life one get that chance to have all the loved ones around at once, and I think we were both so euphoric of seeing our closest family and best friends celebrating and enjoy their time together.

How did you manage to juggle planning your wedding and your job?

Well, since we both are busy with our careers, we had to spend most of our free time, i.e. all late nights and weekends and holidays to plan and make arrangements. It was tiring, but we had no choice. Planning the wedding did not affect the career, it took most of our spare time, and especially when we got closer to the day of course. Also, my husband never questioned that he would have to put in the same effort as me.

Thank you so much for answering our questions Edel, your wedding sounds beautiful. Finally can you suggest a few tips to help our brides make sure that they rae able to balance organising their wedding whilst having a busy career. 

Edel's Tips

Make sure your husband is as committed as you to planning the wedding!

Clear your diary of all evening and weekend commitments, especially in the crucial weeks leading up to the wedding. 

Don't underestimate the amount of time everything takes, it will take a lot longer than you think. 




Terms & Conditions for receiving a 10% discount off wedding dresses ordered during the month of June. 

Customers will need to bring one form of id (business card, headed paper etc) to valid their role in the Finance and Consulting sector. 

All dress orders must be placed and balances must be paid in full before 30th June in order to qualify for this offer. 

This offer applies to new dresses only and as such does not include sample or Once Loved dresses. 


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